Welcome to Apple Hill Soaps

At Apple Hill we do many things and one of those is making a wonderfully emollient soap that is not only a treat for your skin but smells nice too.  

Apple Hill is located on the family farm located in Whitesboro, New York.  Purchased in 1921 by Edward Benson as the home he would be bringing his bride, Freida Barton to, the farm has undergone a multitude of transformations.  Ben-Bar dairy and apple farm paved the way for the expansion of a milk processing plant run by Edward's son and wife, Eddie and Jeanne, and Benson Farms was born.  In 1977, cows and apples were no longer being produced with greenhouses popping up where barns once stood.  Eddie's son Douglas, his wife Christine and their four children helped to "grow" the greenhouses with their son James opening Ben-Bar Aquatics in 2003.  Apple Hill Soaps appeared on the scene when Christine was looking for a way to supplement homeschooling field trips in 1995.